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About the re-design challange

In 2020, Daimler launched a completely redesigned "Mercedes Me" app and it came with even more functions than before. As a Mercedes owner I was pretty happy with the new app, because the app before was really old fashioned. The new app was without doubt a huge improvement but I thought it could be even better. I was struggling with some design and function decisions Daimler made. Mainly I had the opinion that the app does not sufficiently represent the quality standards of Mercedes. At least the claim is "The best, or nothing".

I tried to keep the basic structure of the app - but some functions were redundant, so I bundled them into one area for simplicity. I also made fundamental design changes to give the look more elegance and quality, but also more modernity at the same time.

The home section

The home screen gives the user the most important information at a glance. The user sees his active vehicle and when the center card is pulled up, information on consumption and the average values of the last trip is displayed. The center card also provides the user with quick and easy access to the most important settings.

The vehicle section

The car section is the actual heart of the app and offers the most interactions within the app. It allows the car owner to check the status of the car like the doors, breaks, tires and much more. Besides the technical component, the user can change a lot of settings—depending on the car model—like chosing another color theme for the ambient light or the style of the cars multimedia displays.

The monitoring section

This section is all about monitoring the vehicle. The scalable pull-up-menu keeps the focus on the map and the screen compact. It brings features like a route planner, real time vehicle position and notifications when the car is leaving or arriving a certain area.


Shine bright like a star

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